How do I find out the price?

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Our website “Products” page you can find the prices of all products. Does getting discounts on bulk orders? Between 5-9 from 10% 10-24 15% 25-49 Total number between 50 and 20% for orders above please contact us. or 0212 670 06 92 I can put my Fotokitabı many photos? You can determine the number of pages you. You can put more than one photo, as you can put a photo on each page. Keep in mind the size of your photo by increasing the number of photos per page you have to use small. Can I add text? Add a button with the text in the worksheet you wish you can add your text as you wish instead Fotokitabı. I send you my photos you can design you for me? We can upload your photos by entering the required information from the department’s design. According to the design model you choose to obtain your consent for you to create your Fotokitabı you after your confirmation will be sent to your email address to send you Fotokitab as a pdf document. What is the time to reach my order? Is shipping included in the price? 5 business days after your order is delivered to the cargo. Shipping fees are not included in our prices. How can I track my order? · After your order by calling us Fotokitabı can find out the status of your order. For this you than name, last name or order number, your information will be requested. There is more than one way to find out you do not know your order number. “File” menu, select “Open Album” menu, click the pop-up window is located in the “Order #” number is the number of orders under the title of your album. “View” menu, select “Create Report” in the pop-up window by selecting “Order No” next to the title number and barcode number of our order number. When the album you have created, situated at the top of the program “Fotokito” located next to the text of the letters and numbers located consists of 8 characters, which number is your order number. You correcting errors that may be in order? You can get support before placing your order to avoid a problem our support department by calling No. 92 0212.670 06. Blank I Have pictures and text boxes appear in print? Areas that you write any photos and text into invisible printing. If you wish to use pictures and text fields blank you “delete” (delete) You can delete key. us for answers to your questions I can not find here or phone 0212 670 06 92 You can reach therewith.

Where to use Photo Book photo album?

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We’ve made some changes we have made as a result of R & D Center for a short time in the photobooks deformation of the cover and inside pages of your fotokitabı for you and provide a more creative image. We have increased about 4 times the weight of the pages and easily deformed We covered with a high-quality lamination for the lack of all the pages. Was that your tea was poured onto or impish little cups of rolled on, wipe with a dry cloth and continue turning the pages. We plaster silvery cloth to wear open, switch off the moving parts of the Fotokitabı your cover, and then let each page carefully treated as a portrait have applied the framework of gold. Who uses where our fotokitabı? Wedding photographers use as a photo album. Use birth photographers as birth record. Students use as an annual album. Advertising agencies use the book as a project presentation. Internet users use it as a photo album memories. Companies use the product as a creative album.

What should I look for when creating a Photo Book?

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Secure Area to note inside the cover and inside pages and photos appearing in the safe area is very important to place according to this field. Secure area inside is the part that will appear when you get Fotokitap’ı to your hand. The outer part of this area is to be bent outward during the production of photobooks. So, you should note that the photobooks set to cover the outer secure area of the visual image in order to avoid a white edge pressed cover. However, it will not appear when you get your hand out and photobooks that will stay curled portion of the main elements of the photographs here (human face, hand, eye, etc.). Take care to avoid falls. Do not use existing templates will help in order to make mistakes. Audio will be available in which to place the cover on the cover because of the mistakes made in the image can be made after placing any trades. (Zoom in, zoom out, panning, etc.), but there is no limitation to change image. If you wish, you can place the cover image for the way it organizes in addition to the program. (Photoshop, Picassa etc.) Quality Alert to be used in the book should be of high quality pictures. Otherwise, after printing the photos you see on the screen is not given the same quality. Low Demonstration Program in terms of image quality in the program on your computer to run fast, imported photos into the program automatically reduced to the minimum size. In order to contact us with the original size during shipping. Clipart, Masks, Frames, Effects and Backgrounds Clipart on the left side of the program to enhance your photos more fun and visually, Frames, you can use various alternatives using masks and Effects buttons. Fotokitabı with backgrounds button on your page, you can apply various backgrounds. After installing all the installation process your book via the internet and send the book to make the payment in the top menu “orders” You start the submission process by clicking the button. By clicking on the arrow in the upper right corner of the program step by step you complete the submission process. In the right corner of the operation screen after you make the payment in the small window will display as soon as we have received 100% complete. Payment and Credit Card Security Credit card information security in order to ensure the virtual keyboard and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), using the information you need to remain sensitive and confidential (such as credit card information), your information using advanced encryption system to ensure the confidentiality everywhere are protected. Payment by credit card your credit card payment is through the withdrawal amount from your account with virtual POS. The reason for the preference, the bank confirmed the accuracy of the entered credit card information, and again after performing all operations on the bank side completes the transaction by sending information to the seller that do these things. In this way, both practical and a trusted third party, namely registration of the bank is that you can keep shopping. Payment with PayPal PayPal is created on site by installing a virtual credit account, payment is accomplished by loading in these loans transferred to the vendor. Persons credit card to subsite these loans, they upload their accounts using methods such as credit transfer. Shipping and Payment sales of the products made, negotiated by cargo during the delivery, the service is transferred to the sender companies made the collection of the product price. You pay at the door, makes the collection of cash or credit card. But a small amount of cargo is put on the amount to be charged by the commission. (Commission fees “ordered by courier” You can see from the screen.)

How do I create photobooks?

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1) Open the Photo books photobooks program that you download to our computer center. 2) Program of the resulting window you opened against “new album” Click the option to start creating photobooks. 3) If you want to work out a photobooks you prepare you before, “the album opens” you can click on. 4) your book as you will see in the window when you click the option to create a new album in 3 stages. 5) First you must choose the size of the book you want to create. You can choose the size you want to use different size. Explanations about the books you can find just the right size you select.

How can I order?

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Photobooks in the top left corner of the program screen after you complete your design “order” of the button. “Order Preview” you will see the photos available in your Fotokitap’ı screen. Located at the top right, if appropriate, to advance the “continue” (right arrow), you can follow the next steps using the button. Respectively, the display in the “User Information”, “Order Delivery” and finally the “payment details” you can complete your order by entering the switch. After you make your payment to complete your order in the bottom right corner you will see a bar that indicates your design photobooks installed system. This bar is 100% files with the completion will reach us. Until the completion of this phase in order to exit the screen.

How do I install the program?

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“Download” button. You must be logged in to download the program free of charge. If you are not a member you can easily member in several steps. The program will begin to be installed on your computer. Wait until the installation is finished. You can easily follow the setup screen will appear click on the icon Fotokito program installation after installation is finished.

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