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Sedef Cards In 1980, started its commercial life Psoriasis Invitations San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti., Has continued to increase the volume of customers continuously during that time. Always keeping our business by going to high-quality and customer satisfaction.

Professional service is the most important indicator of stability. We are working with our fast growing world we have to be able to follow the dizzying technology strength. The last seven years, taking into account the changing market conditions, we have realized projects in this field. Advanced technology with a machine park in 5100 m² closed area and our experienced staff of 125 people serving the printing and publishing sector invitations.

54 domestic in the distribution and sales of our products are made with our 41 dealer. Our company is expanding capacity with Germany, Romania, Austria, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Russia, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, Serbia is exporting to many countries of the world, especially in Turkmenistan.

Last photo book in two years, we want to move the photo album and photo album on R & D work in the industry by making our quality photo album.

Our product portfolio includes invitations, photobooks, photo album, student special book, calendar, and you can find many personalized items.

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Fotokitap Merkezi Who is? Photobooks center is a pearl invitation company. So far, the invitation is the quality and success of the industry sector photobooks-FotoAlbum 2013 he decided to move to Turkey’s highest quality and most long-lasting fotokitab has meet with the photographer. The organization’s central purpose is to be the manufacturer of photobooks photographers sector. Experience with its range of products used by photographers of years in this direction and will continue to raise the quality of products and professional machine park.

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Why Fotokitap? Photographic quality into our lives to take pictures with the high equipment has become more easily and to save our beautiful and happy memories of a situation in which we live has become almost costless. So to keep this our beautiful memories to recall, when we want to share our memories and loved ones to be able to touch them. That’s where we come into play as a team. This beautiful memories that you can cherish for years and we are discovering products that will move you smile every time you see it. Photobooks: your holiday, your wedding, your birthday, your whole moment you took the photos, and smile at every stage of your life you are bringing your projects with permanent photobooks. These frames are not deleted degradation was not lost. Turn the pages you want to remember begin to smile. FotoAlbum: the husband in a pillow. Marriage is one of the happiest moments in the life of people of course. When switched to store your memories of this beautiful album Do not you want to be 90 cm. On top of a very mild. But if afilli and so if you want to design a long ömürlü.ist you we envisage .. STUDENT SPECIAL BOOK I: Imagine that little baby is going to kindergarten or started a new school. Usually the first trial in the first picture anlatır.asl writes a letter to the parents of those pictures. Or writing the first post. These pages do not actually B. Summer future doctor says I I’ma I’ma lawyer, I’ma or mischievous. Here we are again with our team of transfer. We have prepared a very nice book for your child. Cover in it’s own picture, there is under-class academic year. If you wish to varsınız.cocuğu the first family on the back cover with the book and how it is actually precious We promote the use carefully.

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Fotokitapmerkezi.com each document purchase you make is always kept confidential and will be destroyed after production ends. Each photo books and other personalized production process at each stage carefully reviewing customer satisfaction is maintained at a high level. Photobooks merkezi.co every year the quality of the R & D budget by allocating work to a certain sector and serious efforts by the professional team to uncover the most long-lasting products.

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